Gas Heater Servicing and Repairs

The most effective service you can have on your portable room heater, is to have it serviced at Newcastle Gas workshop. As it is impossible to duplicate what we do in our workshop compared to doing it in the home.

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Gas Heater servicing in newcastle

Industry standards state room heaters are to be serviced every year. Although if you bring it to Newcastle Gas for servicing, we recommend to have your heater serviced every second year. This is due to the thorough service that is performed each and every time.

The customer will receive the heater back with a full Safety Report including a Leak Test and a Products of Combustion (CO).

Each make and model have their own characteristics, and Newcastle Gas knows the market very well.

As a part of the service we do preventive maintenance, with our 9x point check list. This giving peace of mind with trouble free use between services.

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Gas Heater Servicing and Repairs »